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Search the database of AAA members and their far relatives. The search does not distinguish small from capital letters. Searches for names require matching words (searching for "YTA1" won't return YTA10), searches for organisms require matches from the beginning of a word (searching for "saccharo" will find all entries of Saccharomyces, not those of Schizosaccharomyces). The search for "any match" allows to search for text fragments within a word (searching for "saccharo" as "any match" will return the entries of Saccharomyces and of Schizosaccharomyces). To search for the author of a reference, enter the last name only, or last name and initials (e.g., Venter JC).
NB: The AAA database does not include protein or genomic sequences, so a homology search will lead to nothing. Instead, either download my text file of AAA protein sequences to your computer and perform a local search, or connect to a sequence database for a global homology search.

Search for gene/protein names (including synonyms)
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