Phylogenetic Tree of the AAA Protein Superfamily

The phylogenetic tree (calculated from the conserved modules) gives an overview of the AAA superfamily and allows to access information about AAA proteins and families by clicking them in the tree. (If you use a non-graphical browser, switch to the list view). Information about the proteins contains literature references and links to genomic and protein databases.

If you use a non-graphical client, switch to List-view of the AAA Superfamily

The AAA-Tree in an object oriented (PICT) format to allow for high quality printouts and easy modification (colors, names of genes, additions...). Use it freely, but please mention who constructed it.

List of new AAA members (not yet in tree)

List of distant relatives of the AAA family

If the name of an AAA member seems to be missing in this tree, maybe the name has been listed as a synonym or I consider the protein a far relative only. Scan the list of far relatives or search for it using the Search Form.

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I am glad about corrections, additions (new sequences, new functions), suggestions, questions, requests, and praise.

Kai-Uwe Fröhlich
Last edited: -February 16, 1998-
AAA List 26S Proteasome Proteasome subunit S4 Proteasome subunit S6b Proteasome subunit S7 Proteasome subunit S8 Metalloproteases Secretional Factors Peroxisomal proteins Homotypic fusion Meiosis et al. MSP1 mei-1 END13 SKD1 S. pombe SKD1 Mouse SAP1 YTA6 YTA7 AFG2 cdcH SAV CDC Plasmodium sVCP Glycine CDC48 Arabidopsis C41C4.8 Caenorhabditis C06A1.1 Caenorhabditis CDC48 p97 VCP Mouse VCP Pig TER-ATPase Rat PEX6 Yarrowia PEX6 Pichia PEX6 PEX1 Pichia PEX1 NSF Drosophila NSF Hamster SKD2 Mouse NSF Man SEC18 Candida SEC18 ATPase Schistosoma M03C11.5 Caenorhabditis YME1 PFTF Capsicum ATPase Capsicum ftsH Bacillus ftsH Lactococcus ftsH Haemophilus ftsH Ecoli YTA12 YTA10 TBP Plasmodium Let1 SUG1 Trip1 DdTBP10 Dictyostelium MSS1 Man MSS1 Mouse MSS1 Xenopus YTA3 TBP2 Rice S4 Man YTA5 mts2 TBP7 MS73 Manduca cATPase DdTBP2 Dictyostelium YTA2 TBP1 Rice LeMA-1 TBP-1 YTA1 F11A10.1 Caenorhabditis POTATP1 P26s4 Drosophila P26s4 Mouse mSUG1 Mouse 18-56 Manduca SUG2 CADp44 slr0228 Synechocystis PEX1 Man ftsH MYCGE dNSF-2 Drosophila Secretional factors Homotypic fusion CIP21 Mouse DdTBP-alpha Dictyostelium TBP Naegleria TBP10 Pig SUG1 Xenopus YCF25 Odontella YCF25 Porphyra C11H1.6 Caenorhabditis PEX6 Man smallminded Drosophila L0919-chrXII K04D7.2 Caenorhabditis DM19DC4Z Drosophila TBP1 Rat P26S4 Chicken TBP7 Rat 26S Spinacia MSS1 Rat C24B5.2 Caenorhabditis CDC48 Methanococcus.html S4 Methanococcus S8 Methanococcus YHEA Methanobacterium ftsH Arabidopsis NSF Tobacco S4 Rat SUG1 Rat C52E4.4 Caenorhabditis A2126A Mycobacterium K04G2.3 Caenorhabditis PEX6 Rat 2nd AAA box better conserved Sata Rat tlyB Serpulina p42 Man ftsH MYCPN ftsH Helicobacter sll1463 Synechocystis.html slr1390 Synechocystis slr1604 Synechocystis Odd member of AAA Potential far relative CAFP Capsicum cdcD Dictyostelium NSF Caenorhabditis How the tree was created