Phylogenetic Tree of the AAA Protein Superfamily

The phylogenetic tree (calculated from the conserved modules) gives an overview of the AAA superfamily and allows to access information about AAA proteins and families by clicking them in the tree. (If you use a non-graphical browser, switch to the list view). Information about the proteins contains literature references and links to genomic and protein databases.

If you use a non-graphical client, switch to List-view of the AAA Superfamily

The AAA-Tree in an object oriented (PICT) format to allow for high quality printouts and easy modification (colors, names of genes, additions...). Use it freely, but please mention who constructed it.

Information about new AAA members (not yet in tree)

Information about distant relatives of the AAA family

If the name of an AAA member seems to be missing in this tree, maybe the name has been listed as a synonym or I consider the protein a far relative only. Scan the list of far relatives or search for it using the Search Form.

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I am glad about corrections, additions (new sequences, new functions), suggestions, questions, requests, and praise.

Kai-Uwe Fröhlich
Last edited: -March 3, 1998-