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Name              Last modified  Size  Description 
HyperCardCGI 26.06.1997 49K Make your database available to the world (wide web)
ClustToTree.complete 25.02.1999 34K Converts and draws ClustalV trees
ClustToTree.hqx 25.02.1999 7K Converts ClustalV trees
SeqSimPresenter.hqx 12.01.1998 131K Displays sequence similarities as shaded bars
Chemikalien-Template 12.01.1998 16K Chemikalienverwaltung mit Warnhinweisen
Hefe-Stammsammlung 18.01.1996 104K Über Hefe-Stammsammlung
Yeast Collection 64 18.01.1996 104K About Yeast Strain Collection
Yeast Collection 100 18.01.1996 104K About Yeast Strain Collection
YeastCollUpdater.hqx 15.09.1993 44K About Yeast Strain Collection
Plasmid Coll.10x10 9.01.1998 120K About Plasmid Collection
Plasmid Collect.8x8 9.01.1998 120K About Plasmid Collection
Plasmid-Sammlung 9.01.1998 120K Über Plasmid-Sammlung
Plasmid-Maker.hqx 9.09.1998 65K About Plasmid-Maker
Plasmid-Maker.De.hqx 9.09.1998 65K Über Plasmid-Maker

Some Web browsers consistently download only parts of my larger archives (often chunks of identical size on each try). If that happens to you, maybe you have more luck by using ftp for downloading. If you have an idea why that happens, give me a hint.
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