Yeast Strain Collections

The Yeast Collection Stacks allow the archiving of yeast strains, the search for various parameters and the export of strain information as a text file. The program (actual version 1.2.1) is available for boxes of 10x10 and 8x8 strains which are the most common formats to store yeast strain collections below -70°C. The updater allows owners of German or English versions 1.0 and 1.1 to update existing collections to version 1.2 without losing the strain data.

Hints for Use

To enter new strains, click the corresponding position in the freezing box (if that is already occupied, the strain data are displayed).

Mutant alleles are selected from a list of genes, preventing typing inconsistencies.

Diploid strains can be entered by "mating" the parent strains in the collection. Mating type and ploidy are specified with checkboxes. In addition to the strain name, plasmids, the origin of the strain and further text information can be entered for each strain. Comments can be added to each mutant allele in the list of genes (coded enzyme, origin, phenotype of the mutant...) and for each box (useful if several researchers pool their collections, or if a certain box is reserved for a specific project).
Strains can be copied within the collection (it is often faster to copy a similar strain and edit the differences than to enter all data one by one) and between collections.
Strains can be searched for text (strain name, plasmid, commentary) or for combinations of mutant alleles. In haploid strains, the presence or absence of a specific allele or of any allele of a specific gene can be searched for, in diploid strains, homozygous and heterozygous mutants can be searched for.

Search results can be stored and edited, several searches can be accumulated, the search results can be exported to a text file.

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